Our dog training workshops are based around establishing or building a happy relationship with your dog by using positive, reward-based methods. All of our training is fun and motivating and does not involve harsh handling or methods that could inflict fear, pain or discomfort to your dog.

Fun Activities Workshop
Where & When: White Owl Farm, Crowland. Sunday 27th May from 11am - 12:30pm
Price: £30
Want to teach your dog some cool new tricks? Perhaps you'd like to see what agility is all about? Never heard of TD Rally but would like to know more? This workshop is for dogs of all ages and they must be both dog and people friendly. Due to this workshop being in a group setting, it would not be suitable for dogs with reactivity on the leash - by reactivity I mean, dogs that would be lunging and barking throughout the class. If you're not quite sure, please do email me. This will be 90 minutes long and you will be introduced to three different tricks, basic agility equipment and level 1 TD Rally stations.
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Puppy Life Skills 2-part Workshop
Where & When: White Owl Farm, Crowland. Monday 4th and Monday 11th June from 6:30pm - 8pm
Price: £50
This workshop will be for fully vaccinated puppies, up to 6 months of age that have had little or no training. Come and make some new friends, gain self-confidence and watch your puppy flourish and have lots of fun!This workshop by no means is as involved with what you'd learn in a six week block of classes but I have narrowed it down to what to me are some essential skills that your puppy should know for everyday life. There will be no obedience training such as teaching a sit or a down. Although useful, I don't feel it is as important as some of these other life skills.
Just ONE space left

All attendees will receive a certificate and a rosette at the end of the workshop, a free clicker at the start of the workshop and will be emailed handouts. All terms and conditions will be on the form that will be emailed to you for completion when booking the course.

Interested? If you'd like to know full details of any of these workshops, please email me at hannah@foxnfables.co.uk or click here and complete the form and I shall be in touch asap.