Price: £65 for 3 hours

New Puppy Consultations at Fox N Fables Dog Training. Getting a new family member is a very exciting time for everyone, but there is lot's of think about. With this in mind, Fox N Fables have designed a new puppy consultation to help you and your puppy get off to the best possible start. This consultation is the perfect choice if you're about to or have just gotten your new puppy. We only encourage positive reward based training.

This is a private home visit and we recommend to be arranged as soon as you have collected your puppy from a breeder or rescue. This visit will help show you what to expect in the first few weeks of ownership, how we can show your puppy positive introductions and thereafter you can decide if you'd want to book further home visits. After the initial visit you will receive an emailed summary of everything that was discussed whilst I was over, as well as a follow up email a week to 10 days after the visit.

The areas that will be covered in the visit would be:
● Settling in tips including the effectiveness of crate training (if needed) and to help successfully toilet train your puppy
● Helping puppy to sleep during the night
● How to effectively socialise your puppy and introduce them to the sights, smells and sounds of life to help them grow into a confident adult dog
● How to survive puppy biting
● Fear period
● Body handling
● Four paws on the floor - No jumping up
● Importance of nail husbandry
● Understanding canine body language
● Husbandry behaviours - Hand target and a calm chin rest
● Children and puppies (if applicable)
● Getting used to equipment i.e. a harness and lead
● Introducing your puppy to small periods of separation from the owner
● Manners - Drop and leave it
● Reflex to name - Recall

All of these will help prepare you for when puppy has been fully vaccinated and will therefore be ready to explore outside on their walks.

Interested in booking a new puppy consultation? Please email me at or click here and complete the form and I shall be in touch asap.