Individual dog walking slots in Peterborough available - filling up fast so please get in touch if you'd like a slot

Here at Fox N Fables, we do not offer group 'pack' walks. Our walks are on a individual basis OR an additional dog from the same household. Now why is this? I feel that to enable me to have complete attention on YOUR dog then I need to walk them individually. If you would like your dog to interact with other dogs then please do find a dog walker that offers a group walking service instead. I will collect your dog at the arranged date and time and then take them out around the local area - we will go exploring, where your dog can use their greatest asset, their noses! as well as playing some fun games and using the environment to interact with. Walking is great in helping to decrease boredom, providing both physical and mental stimulation and dependent on the dog, can be a good stress reliever.

Individual dog walking is also helpful for a dog that is nervous. It is unfair to put a fearful/nervous into a situation that could make them feel worse i.e. surrounded by unfamiliar dogs. I am happy to walk dogs that may be reactive or otherwise difficult in some way, I feel that my knowledge of dog behaviour means that I am fully capable of doing this, from having a reactive dog myself, I am completely aware of maintaining a safe distance for the dog and to keep them under their threshold. I want owners not to worry when I am walking their dogs and there have been times where clients have told me that they'd 'forgot' I was walking their dogs because they were completely confident and stress free with me walking them.

Being a dog owner myself and having previously used dog walking services before with my own, I enjoyed knowing how my dogs were getting on whilst I wasn't there and it helped to assure me that they were all fine. I like to take snaps of your dogs with my DSLR camera and send them to their owners to have - many owners seem to appreciate receiving some good quality photos so I shall continue to do so, I have even seen some owners with framed photography that I took in their houses!