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Tidworth, Marlborough, Salisbury, Amesbury, Durrington and surrounding areas
Andover, Whitchurch, Stockbridge, Winchester and surrounding areas
Need help with your dog and their behavioural problems?
See our fox programme to ensure ongoing support for both you and your dog

ReactivityCar Chasing
Dog-to-Dog AggressionExcessive Barking
Seperation Related ProblemsResource Guarding
Noise PhobiasDog-to-Human Aggression
Hannah, our dog behaviourist can help you

Fox Programme £250 (two months support)
What is included in our programme:
- a pre assessment form to be completed prior to the first session (this is sent electronically to you)
- a 90 minute assessment with our dog behaviourist at your home
- 2x 60 minute in-person sessions (these are either at you home or on location)
- a detailed therapy report and follow-up training plans sent electronically
- email/whatsapp support for the duration of the programme and one month after
- permanent access to our private Facebook community
- additional ad hoc sessions would be £80ph
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Need a dog behaviourist?
Our tiered programme sign-up are very much recommended over one-off sessions. Why? because this would help to optimise your dog's learning. But more complex cases such as reactivity would more often that not need to have some on-going sessions. But quick doesn't always mean the best results sadly. So results are achieved overtime with hardwork and dedication with the support from a trusted dog behaviourist. You wouldn't go to the gym once or do a diet for a single day. So you may find it can be tempting to take shortcuts but these rarely work. You would be committing to our trusted service. But also to our ongoing support for you and your dog. I am currently studying to become a scentwork instructor. Primarily so I can incorporate the power of a dog's nose into my behavioural consultations as the benefits are ridiculous!
Sorry, there are usually no quick fixes...
Behaviour problems are not something that can be fixed overnight I'm afraid. These problems will generally not be fixed from just one consultation either. Hence our tiered support programme to ensure that you and your dog benefit from the advice and support. I would only want to take on dog guardians who show commitment to receiving ongoing support. So rarely from an initial consultation will your dog be helped long-term. Because some cases would require additional in person coaching to achieve lasting results. There is nothing I find more reinforcing than seeing smiles on the guardians and a happy and relaxed dog. I also have helper dogs that can be used in certain scenarios. Because it can be extremely useful to be able to set up something with another dog because it would be in a controlled and safe manner. Get in touch with our dog behaviourist for further advice on how to proceed.

With any dog behaviour problems, especially if its a sudden change; I always urge owners to firstly book their dog to see their vet before seeing me. Sometimes there can be a link between behavioural issues and medical issues and we want to address any possible medical issues first.

** I feel a behavioural problem is a little too complex for me then I would be more than happy to pass you onto another pet professional who may specialise more in that area.

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