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121 Behaviour Training in Wiltshire and Hampshire
Initial 2-hour Behaviour Modification Training Consultation from £90
Additional BMT £70ph (programmes also available)
Embarrassed by your dogs behaviour?
Do you dread going outside for a walk?
Does your dog like to chase cars?
Can't have visitors over?
Does your dog bark at everything?
Is your dog scared of certain noises?
Does your dog like to guard certain objects or food?

I can help you

What is an initial consultation?
The initial 2-hour consultation acts as a foundation or baseline by offering initial guidance. Follow-up sessions are very much recommended in most cases because this would help to optimise your dog's learning. Some more complex cases such as reactivity would more often that not need to have some on-going sessions. Quick doesn't always mean the best results. Results are achieved overtime with hardwork and dedication with the support from a trusted pet professional. You wouldn't go to the gym once or do a diet for a single day. It can be tempting to take shortcuts but these rarely work. You would be committing to our trusted service but also to our ongoing support for you and your dog.

Sorry, there are usually no quick fixes...
Behavioural problems are not something that can be fixed overnight. You have to remember that by investing money and time into helping your dog that you're making an investment on ensuring you have a happy dog and a healthy relationship with your dog. These problems will generally not always be fixed from just one consultation and I would only want to take on clients who show commitment to receiving ongoing support because rarely from an initial consultation will your dog be helped long-term. Some cases would require additional in person coaching to achieve lasting results.

With any behaviour issue, especially if its a sudden change, I always urge owners to firstly book their dog into their vets before seeing me. Sometimes there can be a link between behavioural issues and medical issues and we want to address any possible medical issues first.

You will receive a electronic written report after your consultation, continued email support during the time that you're training with us and access to our private Facebook community group

Behavioural Programmes
(available after an initial consultation)

Fox Programme
Two 60 minute sessions £130
To be used within 3 months of initial consultation

Super Fox Programme
Four 60 minute sessions £240
To be used within 6 months of initial consultation

Ultimate Fox Programme
Six 60 minute sessions £350
To be used within 6 months of initial consultation

** I feel a behavioural problem is a little too complex for me then I would be more than happy to pass you onto another pet professional who may specialise more in that area

121 dog training  

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Happy clients...
A lovely lovely lady who 100% understands each and every dog and sees the positives. Fantastic advice, support and care, can't wait for our next session. Thank you
From Rosie, with her fear reactive border collie, Jessie, who had a BMT consultation

Hannah helped us realise that our fur baby is a reactive dog and gave us loads of advice and tips to help him with his triggers! She gave us more information in 2 hours than our previous trainers did in 6-8 months!! I'd highly recommend and hopefully (if Hannah has availability) we will be using her to dig sit our pooch for our wedding as he would be so unsettled in a kennel or with someone else! Thanks Hannah!
From Emily with her GSD, Milo, who had a BMT consultation

I highly recommend, Hannah, she was excellent!! We rang her for some 121 training with our young lab. He was barking and pulling in the lead at the sight of any other dog. Hannah came for training and was so knowledgeable! She explained Bob was a reactive dog and has given us the training tools and mechanisms to help change his behaviour. She explained everything very well and we now feel we have the confidence and knowledge to change his behaviour. Thank, Hannah!!!
From Sarah, with her Labrador, Bob, who had a BMT consultation