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Our tailored training programmes are based around establishing or building a happy relationship with your dog by using force free, reward-based methods. All of our training is fun and motivating. Most importantly it does not involve harsh handling or methods that could inflict fear, pain or discomfort to your dog.

What do I get?
These programmes ALL include one initial 30 minute telephone assessment and four 60 minute training sessions OR five 45 minute sessions.
You will also gain access to our private Facebook online training community and have email support during the duration of the programme.

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Need help with a new puppy?
Just got a new rescue dog?
Recall woes?
Walks no longer fun due to pulling?

Take a look at our programmes

New Puppy Programme £145
A new family member is an exciting event BUT there is also a lot to think about. This programme is ideal for when your first bring your puppy home and we can start to discuss and impliment things to help your puppy on their first nights, toilet training, crate training, biting, periods of separation, fear period, feeding, fast recalls, lead work and much more to ensure your puppy grows into a happy and confident dog. We would also discuss enrichment and how it can keep your puppy mentally stimulated and help lower the likelihood and common behavioural issues occuring.

Rescue Dog Programme £145
Bringing home a new rescue dog can be a scary experience, for the dog more so than anything. We want to be able to help your new dog adjust to your household and to settle into daily life. We can also look at training with your new dog as often rescue dogs can have limited training skills.

Recall Programme £120
Teaching our dog to come back no matter what the distraction uphead. A recall is a recall after all and ideally we want our dogs to come back to us first time. We will discuss reinforcements, why our dog isn't coming when called, predation substitute training and impliment some recall training / games in public areas.

Lead Walking Programme £120
A dog that pulls on the lead is never a fun walk for either party. Our dogs can pull for various reasons such as excitement, fear or they simply just haven't been taught not to pull. Let's make walks a pleasure again

* On-going sessions once the programme has ended would be available and could be added onto the programme at the owner's request.

Interested? If you'd like to know full details of any of these tailored training programmes, please email me at hannah@foxnfables.co.uk or click here and complete the form and I shall be in touch asap.