Our dog training classes are based around establishing or building a happy relationship with your dog by using force free, reward-based methods. All of our training is fun and motivating and does not involve harsh handling or methods that could inflict fear, pain or discomfort to your dog.

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6 week Puppy Class
Where & When: Nothing at Present Price: £70
Our six week puppy class will help equipt you and your puppy with some essential lifelong skills. This course is aimed at puppies who are six months and under. The syllabus for this course, but not limited to, would be; Experimenting with reinforcers, Learning the process of luring, Eye contact, Commands - Sit, Hand touches etc, Confidence stations, Puppy play - Consent test, Equipment, Greetings etc, Leadwork, Manners - Leave it etc, Handling, Resource guarding prevention, Recall, Emergency stops and tons more!

Limited to six handlers All attendees will receive a certificate and a rosette at the end of the course. All terms and conditions will be on the form that will be emailed to you for completion when booking the course.

Interested? If you'd like to know full details of this six week class, please email me at hannah@foxnfables.co.uk or click here and complete the form and I shall be in touch asap.
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