121 dog training in Tidworth and surrounding areas
Price: £60 for an initial 121 training consultation (up to two hours). £80 for an initial behavioural modification training consultation (two hours)
£35ph for any additional 121 training. £45ph for any additional behavioural modificiation training (only for clients who have had an initial consultations)

As a force free dog trainer, you will find no concept of dominance, submission, rank hierarchy and pack theory based training whilst using my services. Dominance methods generally produce short term results that appear to be successful. This method can quite often create further behavioural problems than they solve and rarely, if ever, take the dog's emotions or physical well being into consideration. A dog that is showing an undesirable behaviour should be ignored and instead we can teach our dog to do alternative behaviours and reinforce that heavily, that way we can ask them to perform one instead of what we feel is perceived to be an inappropriate behaviour. This helps the dog to learn what to do and is far better than just getting angry because they're not doing the right or leaving the dog to become frustrated.


During these private sessions, I will help to train you to train your dog to become a more balance and behaved member of your family, both at home and out in public. Here at Fox N Fables, we use force free science based training to reward your dog for doing something we'd like them to do, whether it be using verbal praise, toys or treats. Dog training involves having patience, the motivation and also understanding. We can teach our dogs to engage with us by positively reinforcing behaviours we do want with FUN reward based training.

This is a private home visit but we can venture outside in your local area dependent on the training. We would start off with an initial consultation where I can get to know more about you and your dog and have a chat about what we need to work on and how. You would have already had a pre-consultation questionnaire sent to you by email that ideally you would have filled out prior to me coming over. Then I can introduce ways to initially manage the issues (if any) and/or to help you with training. You can then decide if you'd wish to carry on with further sessions to enhance the training received from the initial consultation or if you just want to improve on certain training aspects or perhaps resolve other issues you're having. Maybe you'd like to spend an enjoyable hour with your dog learning some new things to do. After the session, I will send you an email with a summary of what we with through during the session as well as a follow up email about 3 weeks to a month after the visit.

Examples of some of the areas I currently cover are:

121 Training

● Basic commands, slowly building criteria & duration
● Clicker training
● Trick training
● Pulling on the lead
● Lack of recall
● Jumping up
● House training
● Crate training
● Self control and focus games


Behavioural Modification Training

● Leash Reactivity
● Excessive barking
● Nervousness
● Being Destructive

Interested in booking an initial consultation? Please email me at hannah@foxnfables.co.uk or click here and complete the form and I shall be in touch asap.