'Helping to Build Canine Relations'
Fox N Fables Dog Training: Founded and ran by Hannah McMillan and her three wonderful dogs
Covering Wiltshire and Hampshire

Now what are we all about?
At Fox N Fables, we pride ourselves with our professional dog training services. Our 121 dog training services cover Tidworth, Salisbury, Andover, Winchester, Basingstoke, Southampton and surrounding villages. The business is owned and run by Hannah McMillan, who is also a dog owner and understands how hard it can be something when your dog isn't behaving in a way that you want. For me, dogs aren't just pets, they're a big part of the family and are a massive part of my life. I eat, live and breathe dogs all day long and I certainly couldn't see my life any other way. I am happy to take the time in getting to know your dog(s) and clients should always feel they can ask me any questions relevant to their dog if it'll help grow their confidence in using my services.
I am fully committed to a reward based, science based force free philosophy. Force free meaning I would never use aversive methods to cause pain and fear or use physical force. Dogs are with us, not for us after all?
What do we actually do?
Ours services include; Behaviour, Classes, Training, Training Packages and bespoke services which are tailored to your individual needs.

Interested in getting in touch?

Please email me at hannah@foxnfables.co.uk or use our contact form which can be found on the Contact page.

Relevant Qualifications, Organisations and Continuing Professional Development:
fox n fables fox n fables

Approved Member of the Pet Professional Network (PPN)
Canine Principles - Canine Coaching Advanced Certificate Certified
 Canine Principles - Canine Reactive Behaviour - Accredited Advanced Certificate

IMDT - Perfect Puppy, Career as a Dog Trainer, Impulse Control Seminar, Happy Loose Leaders and Happy Recallers
Chirag Patel - Giving Dog Training Back to the Dogs: Empower the Canine Learner and Understanding, Managing and Modifying Problem Behaviours
Suzanne Clothier - Relationship Centred Training / The RCT Approach to Help Fearful/Anxious Dogs
Jane Ardern - Controlling Crazy Canines and Clicker Addicts Master Class
Dr Susan Friedman - Living and Learning with Animals
International Dog Parkour Association - Parkour Instructor Seminar
Emma Judson (with Canine Principles) - Solving Seperation Related Problems
Emma Goulding-Bosworth (with Canine Principles) - Canine Calmness
Simone Muller (with Canine Principles) - Predation Substitute Training
Sally Gutteridge - Scentwork for Highly Aroused Dogs