Dog Training at Fox N Fables: Founded and ran by Hannah McMillan, a behaviour and training consultant who specialises in puppies and nervous/anxious dogs. Based in Tidworth, we cater for dogs of all ages by offering dog training classes, 121 behaviour and training consultations and tailored training programmes. Covering areas of both Wiltshire and Hampshire

Book a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call, but why? because a discovery call is a way for owners to develop some trust in my business and me as a person. This call also enables owners to have a brief conversation regarding the issue with their dog. This why I can see which service would be most beneficial. To book your discovery call, please email

Dog Training you say?

Fox N Fables Dog Training is a professional, friendly and experienced dog training business that spans over Wiltshire and Hampshire. Our 121 dog training services cover Tidworth, Salisbury, Andover, Winchester, Basingstoke, Southampton and surrounding villages. We currently hold puppy, adult beginner and improvers training classes in Andover, Hampshire.

The business is owned and run by Hannah McMillan, who is also a dog owner and understands how hard it can be something when your dog isn't behaving in a way that you want. For me, dogs aren't just pets, they're a big part of the family and are a massive part of my life. The dog training industry is unregulated. This means anyone can essentially train dogs as a business. Hopefully by finding me we can build a trusting relationship with my services in helping you and your dog.

Fox N Fables Dog Training are fully committed to a reward based, science based force free philosophy. Force free meaning we would never use aversive methods to cause pain and fear or use physical force, because why would we want too? Dogs are with us, not for us after all?

What do we actually do?
Ours services include; Behaviour, Classes (puppy, adult beginner & improvers), Training, Training Programmes and bespoke services which are tailored to your individual needs.

So are you now interested in getting in touch?

Please email me at or use our contact form which can be found on the Contact page.

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